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Dogs love lodging with us due to all of the individual attention that they receive. Whether they want to romp in our spacious recess yards or snuggle up in their kennel, they WILL get loved on while they are here!


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Large Suite

Cozy Kennel

Recess Yards

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Recess Yards


Indoor/Outdoor Access


Covered Patio

Boarding Rates

Cozy Kennel - 6' X 3'

$27 Per Day

Each Additional Dog - $10 Per Day

Large Suite - 6' X 6'

$35 Per Day

Each Additional Dog - $15 Per Day

Additional Afternoon Recess In 

Play Yard - $8

Vaccinations Required








All Kennels are indoor/outdoor providing access to an outside gravel portion.

All lodgers receive daily exercise in our spacious outdoor recess yards.

You are not only allowed, but encouraged to bring beds, blankets, toys,  treats, etc. Anything that you feel will make your pet's stay more pleasurable.

No added fees for administering medications and/or specialized feedings unique to your pup.

Our Nanny provides a bedtime treat and late opportunity for elimination.  This makes for a much more comfortable overnight stay than most kennels and Veterinarian Hospitals offer.



We are extremely fortunate to have retained Tracie Franke - former owner of this facility - as our groomer. Tracie's years of experience and love and  knowledge of dogs are a huge asset to Nine Mile Pet Lodge.


Silly Rottweiler puppy looking confused

Full professional grooms and breed 

standard cuts

Nail trimming and/or filing

Ear cleaning

De-matting and brush-outs

Coat blow-outs

Anal gland expression

All full grooms include ear cleaning,

anal gland expression, and nail trimming


(Contact us for an estimate)

Bandit looking sharp!

Fully equipped facility



Chris Gentner is the owner of Nine Mile Pet Lodge and has been training dogs professionally for more than 35 years. Let Chris use his knowledge and experience to help you become a stronger leader and gain control for the safety of your dog.

obedience training - english bulldog sit


(Contact us for a quote)

Basic and Advanced Obedience

Puppy training

Problem solving

Housebreaking Consultation

Gundog force-break

Private lessons in your home

Private lessons at Nine Mile Pet Lodge