No, we don't board horses. It's Vogue the gorgeous Great Dane striking a pose


A look at our Nine Mile Falls facility and some of our amazing boarders. Thy are why we love what we do!

Koda and Trigger enjoying some snuggle time with volunteer Karla. Thank you Karla!

Ichiro, Morimoto, and Kutsu

Just chillin'

A typical "Cozy Kennel" Spotless as always

Max saying "Thank you for keeping my kennel clean and cozy

Lovely Lucy is so pleased that her crate from home fits in her kennel with room to spare

And my backyard too!

Our spacious "Large Suite" sanitized and ready for your "Beast" or "Beasties"

Handsome Copper enjoying some pampering at the spa

Beautiful Willow sitting patiently. Was it worth the wait?

Mmmmmmmm yes.

Good girl!


Dancer Prancer

It will never be the same here without our mascot. We love and miss you darling girl. 


Despite your aches and pains your sweet sweet loving spirit never waned. We truly miss you.


We miss you so much! We are so fortunate to witness your spirit living on through Brindle.


Kennel Manager Brittany's special boy! We lost you way too early. Curry has enormous shoes to fill. 

Lilly getting some one-on-one girl time with Brittany

Our "Little Dog" recess yards

The gang socializing in our "Big Dog" recess yards

Stunning Daisy relaxing after an active recess

We love Brindle so much. How can you not. Look at that face!

Stewie checking out his covered patio

Chase says "Yeah, that's the spot!"

Frequent visitor and staff favorite Bruce settling into his large suite


Morning Recess!

If your loved one has passed, and we do not have them pictured above, it is not intentional. If you would like them to be included, please provide us with a high-quality photograph that you would like us

to use, and we will take it from there.

We would be honored to

proudly display your furry

friends we have

come to know

as family.


Our hearts are broken. You meant so much to us. You were a beautiful mentor to Zelda. Rest well sweet boy.


Our hearts are broken. You meant so much to us. You were a beautiful mentor to Zelda. Rest well sweet boy.


Your attitude and fighting spirit stayed with you until the end. And we loved it!

Skippy Jon Jones

You ran like a stallion and made an everlasting impression on us. It's just not the same to see Lola and Cruiser without you.